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Sorry it took so long to get our blog up.  We were learning our new system and frankly, just busy and behind.  At any rate, we will be posting items of interest here.  If you want to find out about Mixed Chicks, you can surf our site…where you can purchase our anti-frizz hair products, hear from our customers, or click the ”where to buy” button to find a Mixed Chicks-partner salon/store near you.


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  2. Chuck

    My Girlfriend told me of your product. After seeing what her hair looks like. I decided to try it on my coarse and curly hair. Was truly amazed at how clean and revitalized it was. I use to brush my hair at least 20 times a day to gwet it back in place. But since I was instructed on it’s proper use. My hair holds all day long, even in the heat and sweat of the humid southern region of The US. I would highlyrecommend it for Men,Women and Children with curly hair that wants to be bothersome and trouble-free.


  3. Alayna

    I’m a 42yr old african american with natural curls. All my life I could never find anything that worked just right for my hair. 2yrs ago I went back to a relaxer and let it grow longer…but of course it didn’t last because I love short hair…and I missed my curls. I went on line and started searching and found you. I live in Overland Pk, KS and just knew I wouldn’t be able to find it…but just so happen your products are actually sold in a store that I frequent alot (Urban Supply) the owner gave me a sample of your deep/leave conditioner and OMG I am now a fan for life I went back the next day and purchased both. My curls have never looked this good after a wash no frizz at all..Please don’t change whatever you’re doing. I LOVE MIXED CHICKS it’s the best thing since CHICKEN!!!!!!

  4. liberty levinowitz

    I have fine collar length curly hair and live near the beach . ..am trying to let it grow , but it’s discouraging without the right products . Please , please respond .

  5. Tiffany

    hey I havent tried any products yet but I am defeniatly looking for something that will work in my hair. I have really thick curls and i just wanted to know if it will really work in my hair…

  6. Ashley

    hello, umm my mom heard of this hair care product and she wants me to check it out. i wuld luv to try it sometime soon but it looks like none of these product are sold in topeka. :’( i want to grow my hair out really long (and try not to straighten it)to show that people with curly hair that they dnt always have to straighten their hair to make it look longer.

  7. Carla

    Just bought the conditioner and can’t wait to use it tomorrow morning!

  8. Administrator

    Carla, if it is cold outside you can use a diffuser or sit under a blow dryer. But don’t mess with your hair too much while it dries. Thanks for giving Mixed Chicks a try.

  9. Administrator

    If there is no store nearby that sells Mixed Chicks, you can order on the website (http://www.mixedchicks.net/curlyhairsalonlocator.html) or you can ask your local beauty supply store to call and set up a retail account. Mixed Chicks phone number is +1.818.888.4008

  10. Administrator

    If you send us a picture we can tell you how to use the product. You can email it to mixedchicks@aol.com. But the short answer is, “yes Mixed Chicks works for thick curls.” You will really love our deep conditioner as a detangler. Here is a link to info about it: http://www.mixedchicks.net/curlyhairsalonlocator.html

  11. Administrator

    Hi Liberty, Mixed Chicks is great for curly-hair-people living near the beach. You will find info re: shipping costs for mixed chicks products here: http://www.mixedchicks.net/products.html

  12. Montinique Smith

    I just ordered this product last night and am more then excited to use it on my sons hair..he is 4 and has thick,dry curly hair..he hates going to the barber shop and wants to grow his hair out. my only problem is Ive been using gel and hate how much more dry its making his hair. nothing else seams to work. i have a couple of questions…do i need to wash his hair before i put the deep conditioner in every morning.. (i don’t want him to get sick with the weather change) or can i just put it in his hair every morning w/o wetting it? thank you so very much

  13. Yolanda

    Wendy and Lisa, I have been using your products for about 7 yrs. Although I see you have now have the products in the Illinois, I wish you could find a shop in Champaign/Urbana, Il. I can tell you that you definitively have a booming sells. I say this due to the fact that we have people from all over the world come here…. due to the fact that we have 2colleges here, University of Illinois and Parkland College. Please consider having a shop here that sells your wonderful products. I love your products and sell them when asked what I use on my hair. Keep up the fantastic work you both do.

  14. Administrator

    RE: Deep conditioner by Mixed Chicks: You do not have to wash with shampoo first every time. Just wet, comb through the deep, then rinse.

    RE: The morning… You can re-wet hair just a little bit, then apply the leave-in conditioner. A spritz bottle with 50% leave-in and 50% water will work.

  15. Terri

    All I can say is a huge Thanks!!!! I am 50 years old I have been using a combination of caucasion products(too drying) and african american products (too greasy) always frizz. I would go to salons and either they wanted to relax my curls, or they would blow it dry,Flat iron it, then the next day flat. Finally today I used your leave in conditioner and WOW!!!! My curls have never been this defined,bouncy,and shiny!!! I will ever go straight again.

  16. Administrator

    Terry, we love to hear when someone had to search as we did for years, and then finds Mixed Chicks products. Making the product has made us very very busy, because people like you need us to keep the product moving off the production floor, but we are blessed knowing we, one…have a job, and two… have helped.

  17. Debra

    My daughter recently got the Brazilian Blow. She did not want to relax her hair but as a freshman in college she also did not want to deal with all the frizz. Would she be able to use your product on her hair even with the blow out she recently received?

  18. Administrator

    Mixed Chicks hair products can be used after Brazilian Blowouts. Use Mixed Chicks leave-in to tame frizz as your hair “returns home” to its normal state. You will find that the new growth, being curly, gets a little frustrating to deal with. Using our leave-in conditioner will manage it. You can also use Mixed Chicks deep conditioner to hydrate and detangle. Hair that has been altered with chemicals that are in the blowouts, can be hard on your hair. Products like our deep conditioner help repair those locks. See mixed chicks products for curly and frizz hair at the Mixed Chicks website – http://www.mixedchicks.net

  19. Krystal Taylor

    I’m Guyanese and and African American, and i used to hair medium curly hair until i got a relaxer (big mistake). I wanted to know if this product will help me get my curls back. PLEASE HELP!

  20. Administrator

    Hi Krystal, the good thing about us, is Mixed Chicks is for anyone regardless of race. We realize that race, skin color, and hair texture come in an unlimted number of combinations. If you would like to email us a picture of yourself, we can better advise which products and how to use them. email: mixedchicks@aol.com

  21. mstlk

    Hi I love Mixed Chicks! I recently cut all the relaxer off my hair and I have very thick wavy & curly hair. Mixed Chicks is a life saver, I will never use any thing else on my hair again! I am so glad I found Mixed Chicks! ;) Can you please make the hair shine in a larger size? Please??

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