Smooth Moves – Mixed Chicks Bar Soap


All we want for Christmas is smooth, soft skin and thanks to our wonderful Pineapple Coconut and Sweet Pear bar soaps, that’s one Christmas wish we can cross off our wish list. Even though we’re known for creating some of the best curly hair products on the market, we couldn’t stop there. Over the years, we knew there was a need to maintain one’s skin in a healthy yet natural way. What makes our bar soaps a must-have for all skin types is the combination of antioxidants and 100% vegan ingredients including coconut-derived cleansers.

During the winter season, our skin takes a major beating. From the harsh cold climates to the exposure to indoor heating, we find ourselves dealing with dry, irritated and inflamed skin that’s anything but beautiful. With our bar soaps, you can cleanse the skin of dirt and sweat while replenishing much-needed moisture. An added bonus is the addition of Vitamins A, C and E and 100% vegan.

There are two delectable scents to choose from. If you need an escape from the winter cold, the Pineapple Coconut instantly conjures up images of white sandy beaches and pina coladas. For those of you who prefer a sweet start to your day, Sweet Pear is the way to go.

Our bar soaps make the perfect stocking stuffer for the natural beauty lover in your life.

Pineapple Coconut Bar Soap, 8 oz., $6.50, - (2 bars)

Sweet Pear Bar Soap, 8 oz., $6.50, – (2 bars)

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